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Texas is taking a big step forward to add more donors on the nation’s registry by passing the Texas Automobile License for Life (TALL Act). The TALL Act establishes a bone marrow donor recruitment program directed at registered drivers through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).   

By educating the public on the importance of marrow donation, and how to join the registry, the TALL Act will increase the likelihood that people in need of a bone marrow donor will find the match that saves their life.

Texas Patient Stories

Dorian in a hospital bed

Meet Dorian

Dorian is the last person that you’d associate with the word “cancer.” A football player, an especially avid gym-goer, a bright, young engineer—the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy future. Yet suddenly, last year, Dorian found himself sitting in a hospital room as a doctor told him he has leukemia.


Meet Kwincy

Born with Sickle cell disease, Kwincy, son of Ericka Lassiter and the late NFL player Kwamie Lassiter (1969-2019), had his life-saving transplant when he was 14-years-old.


Meet Ruby

Ruby was diagnosed at just seven days old with Sickle Cell Disease. Her first admission to the hospital was at seven months old. Ruby is still waiting to find her match.

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