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Joining the registry doesn’t guarantee your loved one will be a donor, but we want to make sure they’re ready to say “yes” if that day comes. For many members, getting the support of parents and other family members like you is an important part of their decision. Hopefully the information on this page will help you better understand what donation entails and demystifies the experience.

Being a donor is a big decision

That’s why getting answers to your questions before the donation procedure is important. Browse through Commonly Asked Questions or watch below as Tracy talks about the concerns she had when her daughter joined the Be The Match Registry—and then was chosen as a donor.

Who we are

Our mission at Be The Match is to save lives through cellular therapy. Here are some other facts about us. We are:

  • The world’s most diverse marrow registry
  • A global network that includes more than 446 leading centers worldwide, including transplant centers, cooperative registries and cord blood banks
  • A nonprofit with more than 30 years of experience saving lives

We've also facilitated more than 120,000 blood stem cell transplants!

Check out this quick video about us, which sums up our life-saving mission.

Expenses Be The Match covers

We cover 100% of donor expenses. Medical: Lab tests, appointments, donation procedure. Travel (+1 companion): Accommodations, transportation, mileage, parking, meals. Personal: childcare, pet boarding. Professional: Lost wage reimbursement. Plus we’ll consider covering any expenses not listed here on a case-by-case basis.

The donation experience

Learn more about the two main ways to donate and hear from donors who have gone through the process.

Understanding the donation process

Alexandria’s story

Kenton’s path to donation

Commonly asked questions

Still have questions or concerns? Visit our donor FAQ page to find out more about donation, recovery, short- and long-term risks, the time commitment and many other topics.

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