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Curing blood cancers one patient at a time

For patients diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and other life-threatening diseases, a bone marrow or cord blood transplant may be their best or only hope for a cure. Yet 70% of patients who need a transplant to do not have a fully matched donor in their family. They depend on NMDP® and our supporters to find a match to save their life. We also provide one-on-one support to patients and their families throughout the transplant journey.

Learn what we do to save more lives:

Conducting research that is saving lives today

Our dedication to research has had a significant impact on blood cancer survival and other diseases, and improving the quality of life for thousands of transplant patients. We are relentless in our search to find answers that will lead to better donor matching, more timely transplants, and treatment of even more blood diseases through transplant. With more than 1,750 research publications, our research program Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Program (CIBMTR)® is an extraordinary collaborative global effort to never give up on helping more patients survive and thrive.

Growing the NMDP Registry to find a match for all patients


NMDP provides patients access to more than 41 million donors around the world who stand ready to be a life-saving marrow or blood stem cell donor. There are also more than 811,000 cord blood units listed on registries across the globe. Because there are patients who can’t find a match, we need more people to join the registry, and to be there when they are called as a match. Patients are counting on us

Connecting patients with life-saving bone marrow donors

From the moment doctors search our registry for a donor, to the safe delivery of the life-saving cells to patients’ bedsides for transplant – we are there every step of the way. Our global network counts on our technology, expertise and unparalleled logistical support at every step to make the transplant possible. Seeing the lives that are saved through transplant drives our never-ending passion and dedication to find the match they need. NMDP has facilitated more than 120,000 transplants since 1987. 

Legislative advocacy to protect patient access to care

Legislative advocacy is critically important in protecting access and expanding coverage for patients in need of a life-saving blood or marrow transplant. We are dedicated to advancing our mission through legislative and policy action by advocating to maintain and improve patient access to care. The best advocate for legislation and policies affecting patients with blood cancers and other blood disorders is you!

Supporting patients, caregivers and families

We are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of our patients which is why we provide one-on-one support to patients and their families. We offer the resources and guidance they need throughout the transplant process – from deciding if transplant is right for them to adjusting to life after transplant. No question is too big or too small for us.

Providing clinical education for healthcare professionals

We also support healthcare professionals who refer patients for a transplant, provide transplant, and care for patients after transplant. We provide resources, guidelines, CME education and more, so clinicians can make the decisions they need to best care for their patients. Those who provide insurance coverage for transplant patients can also turn to us for evidence-based information.

NMDP BioTherapies accelerates access to new, life-saving therapies for cell and gene therapy partners

NMDP BioTherapies is just one way that our organization extends our capabilities to help more patients live longer, healthier lives. Through this non-profit subsidiary, we are able to share our 35 years of experience as leaders in the field of cellular therapy with companies who are aligned with our commitment to saving lives through cellular therapy. These efforts include providing industry-leading expertise in delivering a stem cell donation to a patient in need, as well as supporting the research and development of cellular therapies by leveraging the registry to obtain healthy donor stem cells to treat cancers and other critical conditions. As more blood stem cell donations contribute to this research, more can be done to save the lives of patients in need. 

Visit our website to learn about NMDP BioTherapies

Raising funds to save more lives  


We raise funds to ensure that all patients receive the life-saving transplant they need. Much of our work is made possible because of generous supporters and volunteers like you. Every dollar raised helps us add new potential donors to the NMDP Registry®, conduct research to save more lives, and ease the financial burden for patients before and after transplant. 

Join our community as a volunteer, member of the NMDP Registry, or financial contributor. You can help save a life. 

If you are a patient who may be helped with a transplant, we are here for you. NMDP patient service coordinators can answer your questions and provide support and education to help you navigate your transplant journey.

It takes more than marrow to save lives

By working together, we create a chain reaction of good and positivity in our communities and cultures.

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When you help us raise money, you're also helping patients get the support they need.
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Help patients find a matching donor, help with uninsured costs and fund life-saving research.