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Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma are in need of a life-saving bone marrow or cord blood transplant. But many patients may face barriers that could keep them from getting a transplant. Your financial gift can help patients afford transplant, find a matching donor and have a successful transplant outcome. Your gift saves lives.

Help patients win the financial struggle 

We raise funds to help patients receive the life-saving transplant they need. Since insurance doesn’t cover all the costs that come with a transplant many families are not able to afford treatment. But there is hope. And it comes from people like you.


Henry, bone marrow transplant recipient

“Henry is alive and well thanks to his marrow donor, doctors and nurses and Be The Match®. Our family also appreciated the patient assistance grant that helped us with groceries and prescription co-pays. It alleviated some of the enormous financial burden that comes with a medical crisis like transplant.” - Emily and Adam, Henry’s parents


Gloria, marrow transplant recipient

“They tell you to avoid stress, but all you have is stress. First you are very sick and then you have to worry about how much everything is costing and whether or not you’ll go broke. Be The Match financial assistance helped me heal.”

Grow our registry to create more matches

A transplant may be a patient’s only hope for a cure. But patients need donors who are a close match. While millions have joined Be The Match Registry®, many patients still can’t find a match, particularly those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Your contributions help us recruit and add more potential donors to the registry so transplants can become a reality for all patients.


Iliana, a marrow donor with Marie, her transplant recipient. 

“…My daughter has a new life, she smiles, she plays, she jumps. She does everything that she may never have been able to do without you… On nights when I watch her sleep, I ask myself how things would have been if…” –Yahaira, Marie’s mom

Luke and his sister, Molly

Luke, marrow transplant recipient

“Without generous donors on the Be The Match Registry our kids wouldn’t be here today.” -Julie Williams, Luke and Molly’s mom 

Support life-saving research

Thanks to cutting-edge medical research, bone marrow transplant has been saving lives for more than 30 years. Researchers continue the quest to improve survival rates, use transplant as a treatment for other rare diseases and combat post-transplant infections. Your investment in research helps fund clinical trials and observational studies that are critical to healing more patients.


Zalika, marrow transplant recipient

“Other transplant patients talk about getting their life back. But I’d been sick all my life. I tell people that researchers and my donor gave me my life. Thanks to them, I have a life – time, opportunity, hope.”


Nile, marrow transplant recipient

“We are very appreciative that research is going on in the area of sickle cell disease. For so long this disease has not had a voice – marrow transplant is giving it a voice. Science is headed in the right direction, but we’re not there yet. Please continue to improve upon the research.” -Deborah, Nile’s mother

Help save even more lives—in México

As part of our mission to save more lives, Be The Match® has recently expanded into México. With your financial gift to Be the Match® Mexico, you can help us save more lives through cellular therapy by improving donor availability and removing barriers to transplant for patients of Latino descent.