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Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma are in need of a life-saving bone marrow or cord blood transplant. But many patients may face barriers that could keep them from getting a transplant. Your financial gift can help patients afford transplant, find a matching donor and have a successful transplant outcome. Your gift saves lives.

Together, we can SAY YES to every patient in need.

We raise funds to help patients receive the life-saving transplant they need. Many families find that their insurance doesn’t cover all the costs associated with a transplant. With your support we can provide financial assistance to our patients and their families as they overcome financial barriers before, during and after transplant.


"I was blown away when our social worker told me about the financial grants you approved for us. I am a single mom, my husband passed away a few years ago, so it has been a challenge to be with my son throughout his cancer treatment and survive financially! Your incredible generosity has helped us so much this month. I am so moved." — Ashlee, mother of bone marrow transplant recipient, Michael, pictured here

Bryson, bone marrow transplant recipient, with his mother

Bryson, bone marrow transplant recipient, with his mother

“I appreciate the financial help not only for our family, but for other families going through transplant.  Every dollar counts.  Every dollar makes a difference.” - Marcy, Bryson’s Mother

Grow our registry to create more matches

A transplant may be a patient’s only hope for a cure. But patients need donors who are a close match. While millions have joined Be The Match Registry®, many patients still can’t find a match, particularly those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Your contributions help us recruit and add more potential donors to the registry so transplants can become a reality for all patients.

Skye, two-time transplant recipient, with her parents and donors Hayden and Ricky

Skye, two-time transplant recipient, with her parents and donors Hayden and Ricky

“When we got the news that our daughter had leukemia it was absolutely heartbreaking. We were just hoping that there was somebody out there that would be a perfect match who would help her and save her life. We are just so grateful for people like Hayden and Ricky who get on the registry and who say yes.” -Talia, Skye’s Mother

Support life-saving research

Thanks to cutting-edge medical research, bone marrow transplant has been saving lives for more than 35 years. Researchers continue the quest to improve survival rates, use transplant as a treatment for other rare diseases and combat post-transplant infections. Your investment in research helps fund clinical trials and observational studies that are critical to healing more patients.

Finn, bone marrow transplant recipient

Finn, bone marrow transplant recipient   

"As the father of a Japanese American child, I know it’s difficult to find donor matches for patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Finn is alive today because of genetics and ancestry research that helped him find his life-saving match." -Jiro, Finn’s Father

Help save even more lives—in México

As part of our mission to save more lives, Be The Match® has recently expanded into México. With your financial gift to Be the Match® Mexico, you can help us save more lives through cellular therapy by improving donor availability and removing barriers to transplant for patients of Latino descent. 

Ramon, bone marrow transplant recipient

Ramon, bone marrow transplant recipient

“Be The Match® Mexico not only helped Ramon find his match and receive his transplant, but they also supported us financially to cover part of the expenses that such a procedure represents.” - Betzaida, Ramon’s Mother

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How your gift saves lives.

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