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At Be The Match®, our Donor Advocacy Program serves the needs and interests of bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) and umbilical cord blood donors. We represent your rights as a member of the Be The Match Registry® and as a donor.

As a donor, you have the right to:

  • Join the Be The Match Registry and donate marrow or PBSC without feeling pressured
  • Give informed consent based on clear information at each step of the donation process
  • Understand our transplant research goals and give informed consent before your blood or cell samples are used in research
  • Have your identity and medical information protected

Know that your identity and records are kept confidential. Be The Match has strict standards to ensure that donor privacy and confidentiality are protected. For additional information, see Donor and recipient confidentiality.

Offering education and assistance

Questions? Concerns?
Contact our Donor Advocacy Program today:

1 (800) 526 -7809 ext. 8710

While more than 99% of marrow or PBSC donations conclude without long-term effects or medical issues, our Donor Advocacy Program can:

  • Provide information about potential complications and help if they occur
  • Find answers to donor insurance questions
  • Answer your questions to ensure you and your family feel comfortable moving forward with the donation process
  • Provide assistance and information about paid time off to donate
  • Address issues with donor-recipient contact

Ensuring donor satisfaction

We want your needs and expectations as a donor to be met through:

  • Assessing your satisfaction with the recruitment and donation experience and follow up when changes are needed
  • Listening to your feedback
  • Tracking the types of issues donors report and working to improve our donor-related practices

Your donor center representative is your first point of contact to ask questions and address issues. If you need further help, call the Donor Advocacy Program at 1 (800) 526-7809 any time.