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National Marrow Donor Program® 23nd Edition Standards and Glossary (effective January 1, 2016), replaces the 22nd Edition Standards, (effective May 1, 2014).

For a summary of the differences between the 22nd and 23rd Editions of Standards, refer to the Record of Change document on the web site.

The NMDP Standards are reviewed on a 2 year cycle. As part of this review process, the NMDP invites comments from the public on the content of the NMDP Standards. Send your comments at any time to Please include the justification for any proposed changes. The Standards Advisory Group will review and evaluate all comments with the next revision cycle.   

    Center-specific participation criteria

    NMDP standards are designed to ensure that donors and patients receive high quality care and that government standards are met.

    Apheresis Center

    Apheresis Center Participation Criteria (PDF) 

    Collection Center

    Collection Center Participation Criteria (PDF) 

    Cord Blood Bank

    Donor Center

    Donor Center Participation Criteria (PDF)  

    International Donor Centers and Registries

    International Donor Centers and Registries Participation Criteria (PDF)

    Recruitment Group

    Recruitment Center Participation Criteria (PDF)

    Transplant Center

    U.S. Transplant Center Participation Criteria

    Non-U.S. Transplant Center Participation Criteria

    Participation center criteria comments, suggestions or questions related to the NMDP participation criteria are welcome, and can be made by e-mailing