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Donor safety 

At NMDP our goal is to find a cure for patients and protect the safety of both patients and donors throughout the donation process. The process of donating bone marrow or PBSC is a medical procedure, and no procedure is risk free. However, more than 99% of donors experience a full recovery.

Ayoka with her kids

Donor and patient safety monitoring committee

A Donor and Patient Safety Monitoring Committee, made up of doctors, medical staff, donors, patients and NMDP staff, evaluate patient transplant outcomes and the care and outcomes of donors throughout the marrow or blood cell collection process. The goal of the committee is to ensure we use safe and effective processes and procedures.

Promoting donor advocacy

A NMDP program exists to be sure that the needs and expectations of marrow and PBSC donors are met. Our Donor Advocacy Program:

  • Represents donor rights
  • Offers education and assistance throughout the entire donation process
  • Ensures donor satisfaction

Learn more about the Donor advocacy program

Maintaining donor and recipient confidentiality

U.S. law and federal contracts require NMDP to keep donor and patient information confidential. This is to protect donors and patients from unwelcome attention or contact. Learn more about how we maintain donor and recipient confidentiality or view our social media guidelines