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Connecting leading centers and partners worldwide

NMDP is the hub of a global transplant network that connects 446 leading centers worldwide, including 156 transplant centers in the United States and 48 international transplant centers.

All centers in our network must meet our quality standards. These standards are put in place to make sure that donors and patients receive high quality care and government standards are met.
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  • U.S. donor centers and international donor centers and recruitment centers
    Representatives from these centers support donors through every step of the donation process. Learn more about marrow donation and join the NMDP Registry®.
  • Transplant centers
    Hospitals where bone marrow transplants take place. We partner with transplant centers to support patients, provide a match for patients, advance transplant research and more.
  • Cord blood banks
    Public cord blood banks work with hospitals across the U.S. that collect cord blood for donation, process and cryopreserve the units and for listing on the NMDP Registry. We partner with these domestic and international banks, who own these units to provide cord blood units to patients in need.
  • Cooperative registries
    Registries outside of NMDP that are mostly in other countries that list donors from their region. We have formal business relationships with these registries to provide doctors searching our registry access to millions of additional volunteer donors.
  • Collection centers
    Hospitals and blood centers that perform bone marrow collections.
  • Apheresis centers
    Hospitals and blood centers that perform peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collections.
  • Laboratories
    Laboratories conduct testing to determine donors’ tissue types and add them to our registry.