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Barbra, marrow donor

Barbara, marrow donor

For thousands of critically ill blood cancer patients, there is a cure. NMDP connects patients with their life-saving bone marrow match. And it could be you. If you join NMDP Registry, and are the best match for a patient, you can expect the following steps in the donation process.

Steps leading to donation

There are several steps in the process of either peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) or bone marrow donation. These steps ensure that donation is safe for you and the patient. 

1. Update your health information

You will be asked to confirm your commitment to donate, and complete a thorough health questionnaire.

2. Participate in an information session

We will speak with you about the two methods of donation: marrow or PBSC, their possible risks and potential side effects. This 90- minute session is designed to fully inform you about donation. You will have many opportunities to ask questions and will be asked if you’re willing to proceed with the donation.

3. Sign a consent form

If you agree to donate, you will be asked to confirm your decision by signing a consent to donate form.

Donors never pay to donate

4. Undergo a physical exam

You will have a physical exam to see if donating would pose any risk to you or the patient.

5. Give blood samples

Before you donate you will be asked to give several blood samples. This is usually done in two to four appointments. These will be scheduled by your donor center.

6. Donate

After the above steps are completed successfully, you will proceed with donating peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or bone marrow.

View You’re a match: A donor’s online guide to donation for more information about the donation process. You can also view the PDF version here. 

You may be asked to travel for the donation or for any of the steps in the donation process. Most donors will travel during the donation process. All travel expenses are covered by NMDP. All medical expenses related to your donation are also covered.

Your commitment could be someone’s cure

Becoming a bone marrow donor is a serious commitment. NMDP will guide you through the donation process every step of the way – from scheduling your information session and physical exam to providing answers to all of your questions as you move forward.