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Peer Connect program

“What is transplant like?”
“What can I do to help my child and family prepare?”
“I’m worried about paying bills. What can I do?”
“How soon will I be able to do the things I used to do?”
“As a caregiver, how do I prepare for returning home?”

If you’ve had questions like these, you’re not alone. Our Peer Connect program can connect you with a trained volunteer who’s been there. No matter where you are in the transplant process, recipients and caregivers like you are available to talk by phone or email, sharing their experience and tips.

Meet the BMT patient or caregiver Jana, caregiver, and her husband Mike, transplant recipient, both Peer Connect volunteers
Meet the BMT patient or caregiver

Request a connection now

We’ll put you in touch with one of our trained volunteers — who are transplant recipients and caregivers —to listen, to answer your questions and share their own transplant experiences. We do our best to find someone who most closely matches your situation.

“Hardly anyone understands this process unless you’ve been through it yourself. When you meet someone who has traveled your path, you bond and connect on every word.”
– Transplant patient

Meet the BMT patient or caregivers Danielle, Peer Connect volunteer and transplant recipient

Talking with other transplant recipients and caregivers can help answer questions like:

• How long did it take to recover?
• What should I bring to the hospital?
• How can I keep my child connected to friends back home?
• What is your life like after transplant?

“There is nothing like speaking to someone who has already walked in your present shoes. She was able to explain the good and the bad, which calms the heart ahead of time.”
– Transplant patient