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Upcoming webinar for you and your loved ones:

None right now. Stay tuned!

Recorded Webinars

Coping and Coronavirus: Protecting your health before transplant
With the outbreak of COVID-19, you may have questions about protecting your health, donor safety and how to cope with the stress. In this webinar, hear from a transplant doctor, a nurse practitioner and a transplant social worker. 

Clinical Trials: What They Are and Who Should Participate  
Learn about clinical trials, phases, things to consider, how to find one, outcomes and safety considerations. The speaker is Marcie Riches, MD, MS from the University of North Carolina Hospitals. This webinar is hosted by BMT InfoNet. clinical trial, outcomes and safety.

Transplant Basics: Understanding Transplant and How it Works
Learn the basics of blood and marrow transplant (BMT), HLA matching, and how your doctor searches for a donor. 

Transplant Treatment Journey 
Learn about the basics of BMT, clinical trials and strategies for coping throughout the transplant journey. The speaker is Jennifer Gillette, LMSW, Licensed Social Worker at nbmtLINK. This webinar is hosted by nbmtLINK.

Your Personal Survivorship Plan: What, Why and How
Learn what your doctor includes in your personal survivorship plan and how it can reduce your risk of complications after transplant. The speaker is Linda Burns MD. This webinar is hosted by BMT InfoNet.