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What is a Bone Marrow Tx Everett

What is a bone marrow transplant?

For many blood disorders like leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, and other immune system or genetic diseases, BMT may be the best treatment option or only potential cure. Learn more about bone marrow transplant. 

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Learn the basics

Watch these short videos to learn more about what to expect before, during and after transplant. You’ll hear from patients and caregivers who’ve been through the process, along with transplant experts.Vea los videos en español.

Treatments other than Tx Ed

Transplant Process 

The transplant process is different for everyone. Your path will depend on many things including the type of transplant, your overall health, and your disease status. Read more about the steps in the transplant process.

Kyle About a Transplant Page

Diseases treated by transplant

For some diseases, transplant is a treatment option right away after diagnosis. For diseases with a high risk of coming back, transplant may be the best option during remission (no signs of disease). Read more about how transplant may treat certain blood cancers and diseases and when to see a transplant doctor.

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Treatment decisions

You won’t have to make treatment decisions alone. Your health care team will be there to help you understand the risks and benefits of treatment options, answer your questions, and support you every step of the way. Learn about what to consider when making treatment decisions.

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Clinical trials 

Some patients may join a clinical trial (research study) during the transplant process. Clinical trials help doctors learn how to make transplant work better for future patients. Read more and search for clinical trials.

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