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Akeem with sergeant and teacher

If you are enrolled as a student when you make the decision to donate marrow, it’s important to inform your instructors, advisors and coaches early on about the donation process and discuss how they can provide support. There’s a time commitment associated with donation and recovery, which may impact your class attendance, school deadlines, athletic training, competitions and more.

This guide covers some of the questions your instructors and coaches may have about the donation process, including talking points you can use when responding. Expressing your needs for flexibility and key steps in the process early on will help ensure support throughout the process. Explore some of the most commonly asked questions.

Plan ahead: Tips to prepare for the conversation with your instructors

  • Have the conversation as soon as possible.
  • Research your school’s attendance policy and review your course syllabus.
  • Before you go to your instructors with the need, plan ahead and brainstorm potential solutions for continuing to meet key deadlines while out. Anticipate the potential for last-minute schedule changes.
  • Bring educational materials about donation and Be The Match® to your first meeting.