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How bone marrow transplants work

Learn more about how bone marrow transplants are used to treat blood cancers, sickle cell anemia and other diseases.

How bone marrow donation works

How bone marrow donation works

Discover the myths and facts about bone marrow donation. Read about the steps of donating bone marrow and the two donation methods.

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Cord blood and transplants

Umbilical cord blood can also be used for a transplant. Learn the reasons why doctors may choose cord blood for their patients and how it is used.

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Timeline of a transplant

See the steps of a transplant for both a donor and a patient. Learn what happens at each step in the transplant process.

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Matching patients with donors

Find out how patients and donors are matched for a bone marrow transplant and factors that can affect the likelihood of finding a match.

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Do patients and donors meet?

In most cases, patients and donors can communicate with each other after transplant. Read more about the guidelines in place for these communications.