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Helping patients overcome financial barriers to transplant 

When a loved one is sick with a life-threatening disease, knowing a treatment exists is comforting. But many families find that their insurance doesn’t cover all the costs associated with a transplant. These costs include the search for a donor or cord blood unit, travel and lodging when the transplant center is far from home, prescription co-pays and many other transplant-related costs.

NMDP raises funds to help patients who need an unrelated donor for a bone marrow or cord blood transplant. Your generous contributions, along with funding from the Congress through the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program and National Cord Blood Inventory, help offset these costs and provide more patients the opportunity to get this potentially life-saving treatment.

Patient assistance funds give hope to patients

Without the support and generosity of people like you, some patients will not receive the transplant they need. The NMDP Patient Assistance Program was created to help patients pay for transplant costs not covered by insurance.

In 2022, we provided $6.1 million in patient assistance to more than 2,300 patients and their families through our patient assistance program. Their lives were changed because of these funds and your contributions.

Help us raise funds to change even more lives tomorrow.