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“Support groups are safe spaces to share your fears and frustrations without feeling judged or misunderstood. Participants in a support group may understand what you’re experiencing in ways that other people might not.” 

-Katie Schoeppner, MSW, LICSW, Director, Patient Services

Virtual Support Groups

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    BMT Survivorship Chats

    BMT survivors discuss experiences, challenges and insights about life after transplant with other survivors. 

    Here's what you need to know:

    • The chats are facilitated by BMT Social Workers 
    • Each month, a transplant recovery topic is highlighted for discussion
    • Groups are offered two times each month
    • If you are interested in a topic, you can sign up for more than one session
    • Sessions take place on the 2nd Monday at 3pm CT and the 3rd Thursday at 1pm CT monthly.

    Current topics are listed below.

    January – Exercise, Health, and Wellness  
    Engaging discussion around the reality of integrating exercise, health, and wellness into BMT survivorship.

    February – BMT and Sexuality: Opening the Dialogue  
    Exploring the impact BMT has on sexuality, intimacy, and identity.  

    March – GvHD  
    An opportunity for education, discussion, and support around graft-versus-host disease.  

    April – Exploring Methods for Coping  
    Exploring methods for coping that fall outside of standard treatment (journaling, yoga, Tai chi, Reiki, massage, essential oils, guided imagery, mindfulness techniques, humor).  

    May – Navigating Relationships as a BMT Survivor  
    Navigating new relationships and re-negotiating existing relationships post-transplant.  

    June – Acceptance and Perseverance   
    Engaging discussion around acceptance and perseverance in BMT survivorship.   

    July – Redefining your Identity  
    A discussion around finding new goals, employment, school, volunteering, new meaning to life  

    August – Steroid Treatment and Effects   
    An opportunity for education, discussion, and support around the use and effects of prednisone and other steroid treatments. 

    September – Adjusting to Loss and Change Post Transplant  
    Acknowledging the breadth, significance, and impacts of loss and change in BMT survivorship.  

    October – Survivors Guilt  
    A discussion about the extent of survivor’s guilt and severity. Not everyone experiences survivor’s guilt, but it is important to remember that these feelings are normal.  

    November – Giving Thanks  
    Engaging discussion around saying thank you to those who helped you on your transplant journey including family, medical staff, and your donor, as well as how to say thank you to your donor if you are not able to engage directly.   

    December – Managing Fatigue When the Demands Are High  
    Considering the experience of post-transplant fatigue during a high-energy season.   

    Register for BMT Survivorship Chats: 

    1. Register online, or
    2. Contact us at 1 (888) 999-6743 or with the date(s) you would like to join.

      We will email you with dial-in information prior to the session(s).

      What to consider when choosing a support group

      Ask yourself:

          • Do I enjoy being part of a group?
          • Am I ready to talk about my feelings?
          • Do I want to hear other people’s stories and advice?
          • Would it make me feel better to offer support to other patients, caregivers or parents?

         Ask a group leader:
            • How many people attend?
            • Is it just for patients, caregivers or parents?
            • Are others welcome?
            • How often does the group meet?
            • What is a typical meeting like?

        Looking for something local?

        Ask your transplant center social worker for help finding an in-person support group near you. Or, contact the Be The Match Patient Support Center at 1 (888) 999-6743 or for help finding resources in your area.