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What’s peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation really like?

This nonsurgical process (chosen by doctors 80% of the time) is similar to donating plasma and may only require one 4-to-8-hour session. 

Go through the donation process with Lauren, from prep to procedure.

Akeem explains why he said yes once he was called to donate.

Hishaam breaks down his entire donor experience in under a minute.

What's bone marrow donation really like?

This surgical procedure (chosen by doctors 20% of the time) involves drawing marrow from the hip, so anesthesia is required.

Linda’s military service prepared her for a life-saving procedure.

How Kourtney became a donor, plus her post-surgery experience.

Kenton’s father’s illness inspires him to help save a 10-year-old girl.

Stories straight from our donors

Once you hear donors share their personal insights into the donation process, you realize that no two stories are quite the same.

Erin describes the ups and downs of donating during a pandemic.

As a three-time donor, Matt talks surgery and why you should say yes.

A week after surgery, Samantha recalls her full donation journey.

Skye’s life changed forever within days of receiving Ricky’s donation.

A parent's perspective on stem cell donation

Tracy shares her thoughts about her daughter becoming a donor.

Quick takes on donation

Talking pain & side effects

The two ways to save a life

Separating myth from fact

If you have additional questions about the donation experience, visit donation FAQS or contact us at 1 (800) MARROW-2.