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If you might want to have children in the future, tell your doctors before you start treatment for your disease if possible. Chemotherapy and radiation can lower your fertility (your ability to have children). But, even if you’ve already had some treatment, there may still be ways for you to have children.

Some patients consider freezing sperm, eggs or embryos. Because it can take time to plan for this process, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Some couples are able to have a baby using donated sperm or eggs, and others may choose to adopt. Ask your doctor what is best for your situation.

Not all patients become infertile (unable to have children). Some have had children without freezing their sperm, eggs or embryos. If you and your partner don’t want to have a child, you must use an effective form of birth control. 

Questions to ask your doctor about fertility

Doctors and nurses are used to answering questions about fertility. But, they may not always bring it up. Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic and ask questions. Questions you may want to ask include:

    • With my treatment, what are my chances of being able to have children in the future?
    • Can you refer me to a fertility doctor to talk about freezing sperm, eggs or embryos?
    • Can you refer me to a sperm bank near my home?

Questions to ask your insurance company

Egg or embryo freezing and storage and sperm banking can be expensive. Your insurance may pay for all, some or none of the process. Ask your insurance if they will pay for:

    • Collection of eggs or sperm
    • Fertilization of eggs
    • Storage of eggs, embryos or sperm

If your insurance doesn’t pay for everything, there are resources that may be able to help with the costs. Talk with your transplant center social worker or your fertility doctor to learn more.

Be The Match® offers resources to help you learn about fertility:

Insights Fertility video

Fertility and Transplant – For Women

Fertility and Transplant – For Men

We can help you find other fertility resources. Contact the Be The Match® Patient Support Center.

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