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Videos for kids

Animated video series for kids called Ava & Bo provides an education and understanding of bone marrow transplant and what to expect. As a child, Ava got a transplant for leukemia. Now a young teen, she shares tips and stories from her experience to help other kids needing a transplant.

“Families who adjust well show love, support and have a sense of humor. They invent a new life together. They focus on the good parts of life, celebrate small victories and don’t let illness define them.”
    - Julie, pediatric nurse practitioner

For teens

Learn about the issues important to you and hear from other teens who have been through transplant.

For parents  

Transplant affects your entire family. Get tools and resources to help you and your family prepare for and cope with your child’s transplant.

Your child’s health after transplant

After transplant, your child will have many medicines to take and guidelines to follow. Learn ways to help your child take the medicines and get the care needed. 

Talk to others who have been through transplant. You may find it helpful to hear about other parent’s experiences. Our Be The Match Peer Connect program can connect you with a trained volunteer who’s been there. No matter where you’re at in the process, parents like you are available to talk by phone or email, sharing their experience and tips. Request a connection.


Going back to school 

School is an important part of a child’s life. Find ways to help your child return to school and learn about your child’s rights.

Support for siblings 

Your child’s transplant can affect siblings too. Read about ways to support your other children and find resources for siblings.

Appreciation to our philanthropic partners who support educational resources.