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Update my contact information

Have you moved? Have a new phone number or email address? Let us know!

If you are matched to a patient, we need to reach you as soon as possile. It's critical we have your current information. Any delays could be life-threatening for the patient

Update my health information

Medical guidelines are critically important and are in place to protect both you and the patient.

If your health has changed and you are no longer able to donate let us know as soon as possible.

Remove me from the donor registry

We know donating blood stem cells and marrow is not for everyone.

If you've changed your mind we want to know now, so you won't potentially be matched to a patient. It can be devastating for patients and their families when a potential match turns out to be unresponsive or unwilling to donate. Let us know today.

Get connected online

Manage your registration

On My NMDP, you can update your address and phone number, learn about ways to support patients and connect with others within the NMDP community. Don't have an account? No problem. Sign up now to get started.