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How philanthropy impacted Carina’s journey

Being told that your child has cancer is devastating. Hearing that a cure exists—a marrow or blood stem cell transplant—can bring a lot of mixed emotions, including relief and hope. But a family should never have to agonize over how they will afford the treatment that could save their child.

Little Carina’s parents call her “their superhero.” This superhero was just 6 months old when she started experiencing high fevers that eventually led to a febrile seizure. Carina was diagnosed with a rare—potentially fatal—immune disorder. The only cure for this rare disorder is a marrow or blood stem cell transplant.

Fortunately, a matched donor was found on the Be The Match Registry® and Carina received her life-saving transplant in the spring of 2018.

The cost of a cure

Carina’s mother, Noel, had to live at the hospital with Carina during her treatment, while her spouse focused on their other daughter. “I have been unable to work, so it has put a significant financial strain on our family,” says Noel.

Because Noel has been Carina’s full-time caretaker, the family of four was left with only her spouse’s income. They were thankful that they qualified for the Transplant Support Assistance Grant through Be The Match®. Noel reported that “the grant was a great help.” Carina needed extensive home medical equipment, and with the grant funds the family was able to cover the cost.

When you give a financial gift to Be The Match, you’re supporting families like Carina’s. Philanthropy makes it possible to provide grants to patients and their families who are struggling with the uninsured costs associated with transplant. This financial relief allows patients and their loved ones to focus on what matters most—healing—rather than expenses piling up.

Today, Carina is courageous as ever. She has proven herself to be a fighter. This family has been through a lot, but the love, support and positivity that they offer their little superhero is inspirational.

You can support patients like Carina by making a financial contribution online or calling, visit 1-800-507-5427.