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Grants to help find your match

Be The Match has 2 grants available before transplant to help start a donor search quickly. These grants are for patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the donor search or hasn’t approved the donor search yet. They are not paid directly to patients. These grants are paid to labs or transplant centers on your behalf.

  1.  Family Typing Grant: Helps pay for testing of up to 5 siblings, children, or parents to see if they might be a match.
  2. Search Assistance Fund: Helps pay for some of the costs to find an unrelated donor or cord blood unit on the Be The Match Registry. 

Applications must be submitted by someone from your transplant team. Your transplant center team can request an application by emailing or visiting


It’s also a good idea to consider fundraising. Fundraising can help pay for extra costs before and after transplant. Family, friends, and coworkers often want to help, but don’t know how. Fundraising can give them a way to help you relieve some of your financial worries.

Grants to help after transplant

Be The Match and other organizations offer financial grants to help with extra costs after transplant. Your transplant center social worker can help you decide which ones you might qualify for and help you apply.

Clinical Trial Travel Grant

If you're considering joining a clinical trial but worried about travel costs, you may qualify for financial assistance from the Drs. Jeffrey and Isabel Chell Clinical Trials Travel Grant. Learn more about the grant at