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Support every step of the way

Support every step of the way

Be The Match® is dedicated to helping patients and families on every step of their journey, and we depend on generous partners to help fund our important work. 


Our Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support (JCCTSS) and counseling services programs are two great examples of the comprehensive support Be The Match provides. Both have been supported by a financial gift from Incyte. 


Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support

At its core, JCCTSS helps patients find and join clinical trials, which are sometimes a patient’s only option after other treatments haven’t worked. But the program also gives patients confidence in their treatment decisions. 


As JCCTSS manager Jackie Foster explains, “Patients will come to us when faced with a new treatment plan or decision, and they want to better understand all their options. The program helps give assurance that they are going down the best treatment path available.”


With Incyte’s support, we were able to add new features to the JCCTSS website, including simple summaries of completed research, which help patients understand research results without confusing scientific terminology. We also added a Featured Trials section to highlight trials that go above and beyond to be accessible to patients and have a high impact.


Counseling Services

Incyte has also supported our free counseling services program. At any stage in the transplant process, patients, family members or caregivers can speak one-on-one to a Be The Match social worker to get support during difficult times. 


“[My social worker] really helped me to see my own strengths and feel empowered to provide care for my husband,” shares one participant. “They encouraged me to see myself as a strong, capable person, with knowledge of the tools to use, should I need them.”


In fiscal year 2021, our counseling services team had 778 sessions with more than 100 different patients and caregivers. These conversations can help identify and resolve personal, social and emotional problems related to illness and transplant. They can also help improve coping skills and quality of life.


Another participant says, “I’m glad that I had this opportunity. It made a significant difference in improving and healing my mental wellbeing.” 


Thank you to Incyte for helping us provide meaningful support to patients and their families in multiple ways.


More information

More information on the Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support program can be found here. You can also contact our clinical trials navigators at or 1-888-814-8610. 


More information on our free counseling services can be found here. You can also contact our patient support staff at or 1-888-999-6743.