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Most lives impacted and rising

Despite everything 2020 threw at us, Be The Match rose to the challenge! We’re celebrating a Be The Match milestone of having impacted the most lives ever in our 30+ years.

This is a time for celebrating an incredible achievement of never losing site of our mission to save lives through cellular therapy. We exist because everyone should have a chance to live—no matter the circumstances, and, this year—no matter the global pandemic.

It was not an easy feat and the team at Be The Match could not have done this were it not for the phenomenal network of partners and sponsors and donors who rose to the challenge with us! Our celebration is also a thanks to the numerous individuals who moved mountains to help save lives.

As one single father donor explained to his young daughters why he was moving forward with his donation, “Can you imagine if there was someone who had a chance to save grandpa’s life, or even just to give him a little more time with us?”

COVID-19 has presented incredible disruption and Be The Match was no different. We had to pivot our recruitment for our donor registry, our partner and industry events, and our logistical work facilitating the donation and transportation of life-saving blood stem cells to blood cancer and blood disease patients. With more than 50% of donations involving international donors or patients, ensuring safe and on-time delivery required navigating travel restrictions and donor anxiety and uncertainty. Our response included shifting to online recruitment and virtual fundraising events, and even innovative partnerships and cryopreservation techniques. The team refused to let COVID hold us back from serving our partners and patients.

“COVID-19 concerns seemed entirely out of her mind when we were talking about what options we had to make our next steps. She understood what was at stake for her patient, and she was ready to do what was needed.”

-Workup specialist describing experience with a highly committed donor

In this unprecedented year (we hear that word a lot!) we’re reminded how our goals are more than just numbers—each life we touch is a mother, father, child, dear friend who is counting on us to have more time and more joy in this world. We’re celebrating not just because of this milestone year against incredible odds. We’re celebrating the confidence it gives us that we can rise beyond expectations and be there for each patient who is counting on us.

We invite you to join in celebrating together and put some good and uplifting news out there!

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