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August 19 2011

Proceeds from the iTunes sales of the “Ballad of John Henry,” performed by four-time Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker, will benefit Be The Match Foundation® and patients in need of a marrow transplant.

Pioneers For A Cure artists revive popular pioneer songs to “pioneer a cure for cancer.”

Brecker lost his brother and both parents to blood cancers and hopes many people will contribute to the effort to eradicate cancer. The proceeds from the sales of the song will help Be The Match ensure that every patient in need of a marrow transplant has access to this potentially life-saving treatment.

Brecker has influenced jazz, R&B and rock for more than forty years, performing on trumpet and flugelhorn. "The Ballad of John Henry" is about the American folk hero, notable for having raced against a steam powered hammer and won, only to die in victory with his hammer in his hand. He has been the subject of numerous songs, stories, plays, and novels.