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YOU could save someone’s life.

A blood stem cell transplant from a genetically matched donor can be a cure for patients with blood cancers, sickle cell, and other deadly diseases. But too often, patients in urgent need of a transplant cannot find a life-saving match in time.

What is Be The Match BioBank?

To improve patients’ time to transplant, Be The Match BioBank will pre-collect healthy, donated bone marrow and store it frozen until requested. BioBank marrow will be immediately available to any patient in need of transplant.

How is donating to the BioBank different from traditional donation?

The BioBank gives patients and their transplant team access to life saving marrow in a matter of hours versus weeks.
Traditionally, marrow is only collected on behalf of a specific patient, after a suitable match has been determined. The potential donor must be contacted to consent to additional appointments and tests needed to determine the suitability of the match, and make sure the collection would be safe for the donor. Schedules need to be coordinated among the donor, the recipient, collection center and transplant center. This process can result in longer wait times, which can be detrimental for patients who need an urgent transplant.

Be The Match BioBank allows donors to plan their donation based on their schedule. Once the marrow is collected from the donor, it will be banked so it is easily accessible to a patient in need. Be The Match BioBank will save lives and improve transplant outcomes by helping more patients get the treatment they need when they need it.

Will I be notified if my donation is used?

Yes. If your bone marrow is requested for a patient, you will be contacted, and we will provide you with information about the patient’s age, gender, and disease.

Could I communicate with the patient who receives my marrow?

Anonymous communication between you and your recipient may be allowed in accordance with Be The Match Donor/Recipient Communication Guidelines

Be The Match BioBank Employee Bios

Doug Neis

Donor Contact Representative, BioBank

I studied business at the University of Minnesota and have worked for Be The Match for over 12 years, with roles ranging from Donor Contact, Quality and Development, to leadership of Donor Contact Staff. I have worked in hospital business offices helping patients, credentialing physicians joining medical practices, and hiring physicians for different positions at a large medical facility in Minneapolis, MN. None of those jobs have rewarded me as much as being part of the process of contacting donors to help patients live, which really is the best job ever! Seriously…!

Riley Olson 

Donor Workup Specialist, BioBank

I studied Biology at the University of Minnesota - Duluth and have worked for Be The Match since I graduated in 2007 (about 12.5 years now). I started out in what is now the Case Management Department where I worked for about 5 years. I moved to Kansas City, MO in 2012 and started working as a Workup Specialist and I am currently still in that role. I’ve been helping donors work through the barriers of getting them to their donation for a little over 7 years now. I love working with our altruistic donors to help make this process of donation seamless and comfortable for them.