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Join the NMDP Registry. Save a life.

It’s simple to join the blood stem cell donor registry. Swab your cheeks and you can help someone suffering with a life-threatening blood cancer or disease.

Join the donor registry

Or register at a local donor registry drive in your community!

Are you a member of the U.S. military? Learn about the Salute to Life program.


Sign up to receive your kit. Answer a few questions about your medical history and see if you’re a good fit to join the registry.

It all starts with a swab!

After you register, you’ll be sent a swab kit in the mail.

Swab your cheeks. It only takes 20 seconds and helps us determine your HLA type.

Send your swabs in! Don’t worry, postage is on us. Returning your swab kit is essential to getting you on the blood stem cell registry. Let’s make it official.

Join the donor registry

Join the millions of people who signed up to become a lifesaver

Joining the registry doesn’t guarantee you’ll be matched. It can take months or years, but one day, you could be someone’s cure—their HLA match.

When you do match with someone, things move quickly. Patients and their families are depending on you. Your donation equals a stem cell transplant for them … and a second chance at life!

Ready to join the donor registry?

Order your free swab kit today! Join the NMDP Registry. You could save a life.

Join the donor registry