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When you're asked to donate

Not everyone on the Be The Match Registry® will match and be asked to donate to a patient. If you are asked to donate, the patient's doctor has chosen you as the best donor.

Becoming a bone marrow donor is an important commitment. If you are asked to be a donor for a patient, you will receive all the information needed to make this decision. We encourage you to discuss your decision to donate with your family and friends. They can help support you through the process.

How much time will the donation process take?

Donor experiences

Actual donors and donor medical staff share their bone marrow donation experience. Watch now.

The typical time commitment for the donation process is 20-30 hours of your time spread out over a four-to-six-week period. This does not include travel time, which is defined by air travel and staying overnight in a hotel. Nearly 40% of donors will travel during the donation process. Learn more about the steps leading to donation.

Two donation methods: Peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) and marrow

If you agree to donate, the patient's doctor will request that you donate either peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or marrow. The doctor chooses the donation method that is best for the patient.

If you are asked to donate, call the telephone number that is in the email or letter you received. If you don't have this number, please call 1 (800) MARROW-2.