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There are a lot of extra costs after transplant that you may need to pay, especially if you live far away from the transplant center. This can be an extra worry for you, but you aren’t alone. Talk with your transplant team about your concerns. You can also call the Be The Match® Patient Support Center.

Financial assistance grants are available. Different grants have different eligibility requirements, so you may qualify for some but not for others. Your social worker can help you find grants you may qualify for and apply.

Be The Match grants

Be The Match has 2 grants for after transplant. These grants can be paid directly to patients, a caregiver or a family member.

1. Transplant Support Assistance
Helps with costs like copays, transportation, gas, and housing. To qualify you must:

  • Have had a transplant through the Be The Match Registry.
  • Had a transplant less than 12 months ago.
  • Meet income and other financial eligibility requirements.

2. The John and Caryn Camiolo Survivorship Grant
Helps with medicine and medical costs that insurance doesn’t pay. To qualify you must:

  • Have had a transplant through the Be The Match Registry.
  • Have had a transplant more than 1 year ago.
  • Have chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD). 
  • Still go to your transplant center every month for treatment.
  • Meet other financial eligibility requirements.

Applications must be submitted by someone from your transplant team. Your transplant center team can request an application by emailing

Clinical Trial Travel Grant

If you're considering joining a clinical trial but worried about travel costs, you may qualify for financial assistance from the Drs. Jeffrey and Isabel Chell Clinical Trials Travel Grant. Learn more about the grant at

Grants from other organizations

Many of our trusted partner organizations also offer financial grants. Your social worker may also know of organizations that could help you. And, there may be organizations in your community you can reach out to, including places of worship and groups that focus on community service.

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