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Team Be The Match FUNd Fest

It’s time to party and save lives with Team Be The Match FUNd Fest! Plan an event and have your friends contribute funds to attend. It’s that easy! Whatever kind of event you choose to host, you’ll be delivering cures for blood cancer and other life-threatening blood diseases. Patients are counting on you! 

First step is to choose your FUNd Fest event. This can be anything from a tailgate to a costume party – the opportunities are endless! Once you determine the event, set a fundraising goal and decide the “admission” donation for your event. Next, create your Team Be The Match page and start promoting your event. Invite all your friends and be sure to check out the Fundraising Resource Center for all the how to guides and social media tools you need to throw a successful event. Now you are all set to start raising funds and saving lives! 

Need Some Inspiration? 

Meet Kathryn, she’s a college student and transplant recipient. Kathryn began having chronic health problems at age 15. She was in and out of the hospital for 2.5 years with intense swelling, vomiting, rashes and moments where she passed out. She was initially diagnosed with celiac disease, which only got rid of half her symptoms and eventually was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a life-threatening autoimmune disease, in 2016.  

Kathryn completed treatment with biologic medications and high doses of steroids, but in December of 2017, she relapsed. Doctors told Kathryn she would need a marrow transplant, which is the only cure for HLH. She quickly found a perfect genetic match and received a transplant. Kathryn surprised everyone when she was released from the hospital just 14 days after transplant (most patients are released around 100 days). Since her transplant, she has been dealing with minor GVHD of the skin, but for the most part it has been a smooth recovery. 

Right before Kathryn checked into the hospital to begin her transplant journey, she started a joint Instagram account with her boyfriend to document her journey. She wanted to be able to create a space that shares an honest account of someone living with chronic illness. Since her transplant, Kathryn has returned to college and is working on finishing her creative writing major. 

Your Chance To Impact Lives

By joining Team Be The Match FUNd Fest this fall, you can make a huge impact on patients with blood cancer and other life-threatening blood diseases like HLH. Remember, whatever kind of FUNd Fest you decide to hold, you’ll be delivering cures and saving more lives! All funds raised through Team Be The Match support adding more potential donors to the Be The Match Registry, support patients with uninsured transplant costs (e.g., prescriptions, travel to treatment) and fund life-saving research.