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Olivia’s here thanks to someone like you

Olivia is happy, healthy, and living her best life

In 2018, Olivia’s mom noticed Olivia’s eyes were yellow. After it didn’t go away, they ended up in the hospital. Doctors realized Olivia’s liver was enlarged from idiopathic hepatitis, which induced severe aplastic anemia, a rare condition in which the body stops producing enough new blood cells.

In 2020, she received her transplant that changed her life. Her blood stem cells came from someone like you. Olivia’s family is grateful they found a donor match and wants every family to have the same opportunity.

What’s Olivia up to today?

“Instead of spending hours at the doctor, Olivia is going to school, dance, gymnastics and learning to swim. Recently while riding her bike, she tipped over. Before, this would have immediately sent her into hysterics—she was so conditioned to be careful, not to get hurt for fear of bleeding. But instead, she got up and said, “It’s okay, I’m strong now,” and she kept going. The transplant has given her another chance. Not just at life, but at being a kid. She’s learning again how to live life with the optimism, and excitement that only kids can.” ~Olivia’s mom

Olivia dreams to…

Olivia has many hopes and dreams. She hopes to become a doctor and help give other patients, like her, “new bone marrow.” She wants to be a firefighter and a chef so she can cook her favorite foods and share them with others.

“We don’t know why her donor decided to join the registry. And they probably never expected to get a call that they had matched with someone in need. But what matters is that they did sign up. Just a normal person—like you, like me, like any of us—they decided to swab their cheeks, and because of it my daughter is alive, dancing around the living room in her underwear singing off key at the top of her lungs.” ~Olivia’s mom