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Meet Joshua

Joshua is 14 years old. He loves to play video games, watch basketball, and football, and laugh with his family. Joshua also has been battling sickle cell anemia since he was born. 

In Joshua’s first two years of life, he experienced more health issues than some experience in a lifetime. When he was 5 months old, he experienced his first pain crisis. At 12 months old he had his spleen removed. At 18 months old, he experienced a sickle cell related stroke leaving him with partial paralysis on his left side. Over the last 14 years, Joshua has monthly blood transfusions to manage his sickle cell symptoms.

The only cure for his sickle cell anemia is a blood stem cell transplant.

Currently, Joshua does not have a donor match on the Be The Match Registry®. He is African American and when it comes to matching patients with donors, DNA plays a key role. Joshua is most likely to match someone with a similar ethnic background.

Thousands of blood cancer and blood disease patients like Joshua need your help. You could be the one to cure his sickle cell disease. Join Today.