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Amelia is a happy and healthy 2-year-old

At just 7 months old Amelia was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her parents noticed a mass starting to grow near her eye. The family uprooted their lives from Juneau, Alaska to Seattle where she would begin treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Amelia received her transplant the day after her 1st birthday in 2021. 

What does Amelia love? 

"She's like kind of a little firecracker. She knows what she wants and she's gonna get it," says Amelia's mom. "She's snuggly and loves normal two-year-old things like dinosaurs." Amelia adores her older sister, loves to adventure, to be outside and cuddle with her parents. 

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What has Amelia been up to post-transplant?

Amelia and her family had the opportunity to meet her donor, Shawen, who is a nursing student at Brigham Young University. “It was an extremely special experience for me. There are a few words that I think I have that can truly describe that feeling and that moment. Knowing I was now connected to this other family’s story made me only want the best for them and want the best for their daughter,” said Shawen. 

All of this happened thanks to someone like you taking the first step and joining the Be The Match Registry®.  

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