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Unleash your school’s life-saving potential

For patients with sickle cell disease, blood cancer, and other deadly illnesses, there is a cure, and it could be found on your campus!

Be The Match recruits volunteer blood stem cell donors to help patients find their life-saving match. Currently, Black and African American patients only have a 23% chance of finding a matched donor, and Hispanic patients, only a 46% chance of finding a matched donor, compared to 77% for White patients.

Be The Match is focusing recruitment efforts on select college campuses and universities with the greatest potential to increase ethnic diversity of the registry, which helps more patients of color find their cure.

We want to help you present students a unique opportunity to address health care disparities through diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s an opportunity to be someone’s hero—to literally save someone’s life.

YOU can help raise awareness of this opportunity. We offer a variety of college programs and activities, so you can pick the one that’s right for you and your student base.

Contact to learn how you can bring Be The Match to your campus! 

BONUS:  Schedule 5-minutes for Be The Match at your next faculty meeting by Sept. 30, and we’ll bring the bagels and coffee!