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Two individuals living out the Be The Match mission in significant ways

There is a lot to be thankful for this season. When we pause and think about it, we are overwhelmed by the things that make us grateful. Every day we are surrounded by a community of dedicated individuals working to make this world a better place and save more lives. Casey and Zoey are two individuals living out the Be The Match mission in significant ways.  

Casey Schade

Casey is a hematology/oncology nurse at Stanford Health Care. She takes care of patients who receive chemotherapy in preparation for a marrow transplant. Oftentimes, Casey is working with patients as they navigate the logistics of transplant. She has seen firsthand her patients’ fear and worry while waiting for a match—and she knows how heartbreaking it is when a match can’t be found.  

“Cancer is already such an emotionally and physically exhausting process – to add on the anxiety of not getting an ideal match is almost unbearable. Be The Match finds bone marrow donors for my patients and gives them the hope and treatment they so desperately need,” says Casey.

To better support people going through this process, Casey created a nonprofit called “Caps4Cancers.” She collects flip-off medicine vial caps from around the hospital and uses these caps, otherwise viewed as trash, to make creative badge reels. She sells them on Etsy and the proceeds go to various nonprofits that help cancer patients. Through Caps4Cancers, she can support her patients in ways that reach outside her scope of nursing and involve countless other healthcare professionals. She chose to contribute some of her proceeds to Be The Match because she directly sees the hope and life we bring to patients when they get matched.

Zoey Boukedes

Zoey is a kind-hearted 11-year-old with an old soul. She always wants to help others and is compassionate to everyone. She has a severe nut allergy, so she empathizes with people facing obstacles and is eager to brighten their day!

“My goal for Yay!DAY is to spread happiness and joy through one simple word…YAY!” - Zoey

Zoey created Yay!DAY to have a day that regardless of what hurdles you have, you have a day that just pushes all of it to the side. Zoey says that spreading positivity is a philosophy we should all adopt. This one day is an opportunity for everyone to come together and support a positive outlook by wearing Yay!DAY merchandise and posting positive messages on social media. Nothing can take away your YAY!

Zoey says, “If we just look at whatever it is causing stress, today we say YAY and bust right through it. It will be there tomorrow, but today, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect us and it doesn’t change my positive attitude.” Zoey has learned to not sweat the little stuff, focus on what matters, and radiate positivity to everyone she meets.

The money that she raises through Yay!DAY merchandise and donations goes toward four charities that she feels put her support to good use. She chose Be The Match because Zoey’s grandfather received a marrow transplant when he had cancer. She believes the work Be The Match is doing is helping a lot of people, young and old.

Together, with supporters like you, we can save more lives. You make every day possible for so many people. Learn more about ways to support Be The Match, including making a financial donation.