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The power of philanthropy - making an impact during a time of crisis

It has been said—we are navigating unprecedented times. In our 30-year history as an organization, Be The Match® has never faced as many barriers or challenges to deliver our mission, saving lives through cellular therapy. Yet, at this very moment, the services we provide are more essential than ever.

For most patients in need of a marrow transplant, waiting is not an option. For this reason, we continue receiving requests to facilitate transplants at a rate of more than 90% of what we’d typically see—meaning we facilitate approximately 110 transplants every week. And, we are incredibly proud to share that every single patient who has needed life-saving marrow through Be The Match during this time has received it—we haven’t missed one transplant.

Providing this level of service during a time of crisis comes at a cost. As couriers continue transporting product across the country, travel logistics have become more complicated, resulting in an additional expense of up to $6 million. We transitioned to cryopreservation of all product to enhance safety measures, resulting in an increased expense of up to $6,000 per collection. The equipment necessary to transport cryopreserved product costs up to $100,000 total. And, as more families than ever face financial hardship, we’ve responded to a rise in requests for patient assistance grants with a 105% increase in grants provided, a lifeline solely funded by philanthropy. And so much more. But, for our patients, whose lives literally depend on us, “no” is not an option.

Philanthropy is critical to respond to these increased expenses. However, our ability to fundraise has been impacted, compounding the challenges we face. In addition to no longer being able to host in-person events, many of our reliable supporters have had to pause as they evaluate their own financial positions.

As we face our reality, Be The Match is grateful for our enduring philanthropic partners who have demonstrated their remarkable commitment during this time of extraordinary need. Harper Family Foundation, the Carter Family and Bill and Sandra Pomeroy (The William G. Pomeroy Foundation) have pledged a combined $1.34 million in special financial support to help patients impacted by the COVID-19 crisis right now.

In addition to supporting patients and families in immediate need, these funds allow Be The Match to plan for sustainable, long-term solutions as our new normal continues to evolve. We are forever grateful for this investment in our future and ask that others consider how they, too, can support our cause. Because, as this article helps point out, organizations that depend on philanthropy like Be The Match play a vital role in our society and are in need of collective support, now more than ever.

To learn more about the impact of philanthropy at Be The Match, contact Keith Stout at