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Ontime Courier gift announcement

Delivering second chances at life

So much coordination goes into making a marrow transplant happen. Finding a donor match for a searching patient is a big part of it, but one equally critical piece is ensuring the collected cells get transported as quickly and safely as possible to the waiting recipient.

Be The Match has facilitated more than 100,000 transplants since we started in 1987, and our longtime partner, Ontime Courier, has played a key role in transporting the marrow and blood stem cell products. Every transport is hand delivered in a special, insulated cooler by an individual acting as a courier, ensuring the cells get to the patient as planned—no matter what.

As their global sales manager, Thilo Buerklin, shares, “All our work leads to one thing: we try to help somebody survive. That’s what motivates me and my colleagues. It doesn’t matter where we have to go. Every transport counts. Because at the end of the day, there’s somebody relying on those cells.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unparalleled challenges, like widespread travel bans and countless flight changes, Ontime Courier is used to overcoming obstacles. “Even in normal times, you don’t know what’s happening around the corner,” says Thilo. “We are always expecting the unexpected.”

Ontime Courier also supports Be The Match’s work in other ways. Since our partnership began, they have contributed more than $80,000, including recent gifts totaling $25,000 toward our COVID Relief Fund for patient assistance, our ONE Forum and Gala virtual events, and our HLA COVID-19 database project.

“Be The Match and Ontime Courier have worked together from the very beginning,” shares Thilo. “You’re in the one-digit customer numbers. By supporting Be The Match, we’re not only giving back for our years of partnership, but more importantly, we’re ensuring we can continue saving more lives.”

We are so grateful for Ontime Courier’s commitment to our mission. They literally deliver patients a second chance at life—one transport at a time.

Corporations and foundations interested in partnering with Be The Match to save lives can learn more here.