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Featured sustainer: Justin Reagan

Justin, center, alongside his mom and dad.


When Justin first heard of Be The Match® in 2008, he knew right away he wanted to join the Be The Match Registry®—a powerful opportunity to do something so simple that could be the key to saving someone’s life.

His decision became more meaningful more than ten years later when his mom required a bone marrow transplant. “I realized how grateful I was for the other donors out there,” he said. Justin’s mom’s transplant was successful, and she is in complete remission from her blood disease. Unfortunately, she’s now fighting breast cancer. But since it was caught early and seems to be more manageable, Justin remains hopeful.

Why Justin become a monthly sustainer

Around the same time of his mom’s original diagnosis, Justin began to practice tithing, contributing a percentage of his income to charity. “I wanted to do something where I wasn’t constantly focusing on and receiving for myself. Instead, I wanted to try and share more and focus on the benefit to others,” he said.

Justin chose Be The Match as the recipient of his generous giving, not only because of the life-saving potential, but also because there’s a real and attainable solution with the work we do. Knowing he may never be called to donate, Justin still wanted to make a powerful difference—and save lives. So he decided to became a Be The Match monthly sustainer.

“With more funding and support, Be The Match could expand its mission and grow and reach more people. More people on the registry is more lives saved.”

The impact of Justin’s gift 

Justin knows firsthand the pain and uncertainty that comes for a patient who’s waiting to find their marrow donor match. It’s very challenging, not only for the patient, but for the entire family who is worrying about their loved one

His mom found her matching donor and she was given a second chance at life. And Justin wants to give others this same opportunity by helping to fund efforts that will help add more potential life-saving donors to the registry.

“People could save a life for something that costs them nothing,” he said. “They’re not sacrificing much at all—it’s such a minimal ask to them.”

He hopes his monthly gift will help further Be The Match’s goals. And in doing so, allow more people to realize the power they hold to give people, like his mom, more days on this earth.  

You can be one of our most reliable supporters just like Justin—and you never have to think about it. Start an automatic monthly gift in any amount today to make a significant life-saving impact.