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Featured sustainer: Carmen Elliott

Carmen first heard of Be The Match® when Robin Roberts shared her story and diagnosis on “Good Morning America.” She knew bone marrow transplants existed, but had never heard of our organization until this moment. 

Fast forward to 2021, when her connection to our organization became more personal. Her nephew was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a blood disease in which the bone marrow does not produce new blood cells. Fortunately, his sister was a 100% match, and he was able to receive the transplant he needed. 

Carmen’s motivation to give monthly

Even if Carmen’s nephew hadn’t gone through his battle with aplastic anemia, she still would have the desire to be involved and give back to Be The Match. She believes very strongly in our mission and is especially touched by witnessing people’s passion for our cause.

While Carmen has given to Be The Match in the past, it wasn’t until recently that she decided to officially become a monthly sustainer. She received a mailer with a powerful story about a transplant recipient who is now thriving and even got engaged. Carmen knew at this moment that she wanted to step up to help even more.  

One thing Carmen places intentional energy into is the “why” behind her giving. “It’s easy for me to write a check each month. But I don’t want it to become so automatic that I forget about it. I don’t want to forget why I’m helping,” she shares. “I want this to always be a journey of serving others.” 

Carmen hopes that her financial donations can grow Be The Match’s registry and fund educational programs. 

Ways to give beyond financially 

Carmen is outside the age parameters to join the Be The Match Registry®, but wanted to still do something to give back. This is part of what drove her decision to become a monthly sustainer. And she still wants to encourage others to join the registry.

While there are common misconceptions about what donation entails, Carmen hopes to dispel the myths and help others understand the facts around it. 

“If people understood the procedure, they wouldn’t be so fearful. So, how do we get the word out about this to educate people?” Carmen asks. 

And while some would find her financial giving to be remarkable, she is impressed by people who donate their bone marrow to help patients in need. “I hope people understand what a selfless act it is to give something so powerful that it saves another’s life.”

Carmen plans to increase her monthly giving in the future as she is invested in helping in any and all ways that she can. 

Want to be one of our most reliable supporters? Start a monthly gift today and provide hope to patients on their journey.