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Featured fundraiser: Genta Spaho

Genta first heard about Be The Match when she was in college. She joined the Be The Match Registry and later her fiancé also joined the registry. A couple years ago, her  fiancé was contacted as a potential match for a patient. While the doctor’s ultimately ended up finding a better matching donor, it still was a very powerful and impactful experience for Genta.

From that point on, she has been passionate about helping people and wanting to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Her focus has been on spreading positivity and joy. “We have the power to save someone’s life,” she said.

What inspired Genta to start a fundraiser with Be The Match 

After receiving an email about Ruby, a 5-year-old girl fighting to find a cure for her sickle cell disease, Genta knew she needed to step up and help.

“I’ve never met Ruby, but I read her story and thought how she deserved all the good things that life has to offer. I decided to champion my fundraising efforts for her,” Genta said.

She even named her fundraiser after Ruby. Ruby’s name reminded her of a precious stone, which is how she came up with her fundraiser name, “The Deep Red Precious Stone.”

The most rewarding part about fundraising

Genta has been touched and empowered watching her community come together to help her raise money for patients battling blood diseases. Even during these chaotic times, it’s clear that people do want to give back.

She said, “You see so much constant negative news, but you don’t see much that can light up someone’s day. Just knowing that my efforts have the potential to have a ripple effect of good is what’s important to me.”

Genta’s grand mission to help others

Genta’s Be The Match fundraiser is just the beginning of her bold and beautiful aspirations. She has a goal to empower one billion people to live happier and healthier lives inside and out by 2032. She believes that we each possess unique gifts that must be shared with the world.

“It is through using our gifts and being in service and contribution to the world that we will move forward as a society,” she said. She knew that starting her own fundraising page would be the perfect way to kick off this goal.

And Genta wasn’t going to play small either. She thought about setting a smaller fundraising goal, but decided to “play big and go for it” and set a goal of $10,000. Her page has already raised over $1,500. Help Genta achieve her goal by donating to her page!

She wants to encourage others to give it their all while on this Earth, reminding us that “it just takes one person [to make a difference].”

Are you inspired to make a positive impact in the lives of others? Start your own fundraising page today!