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Featured Board of Ambassador member: Cade James Miller

From hardships to higher callings 

Cade James Miller’s introduction to Be The Match® came more than 10 years ago, when his good friend Eric was sick in the hospital with blood cancer. Eric had asked Cade to join the Be The Match Registry ®. Unfortunately, Eric eventually passed away, but he served as inspiration for Cade to want to give back to help others.  

He says his own personal hardship—watching his son, born prematurely at just three pounds, in the NICU at the hospital—also inspired him to help others. 

In 2018 Cade was nominated for Man of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Nominees have 10 weeks to raise money. Cade’s fundraiser was a huge success: He raised double his original goal.

At this point, Cade wondered where he could help next. He remembered Eric talking about Be The Match and after some research decided in November 2020 that joining our Board of Ambassadors would be a wonderful fit for him.  

The National Be The Match Board of Ambassadors is an integral part of the organization’s fundraising efforts. Members serve as representatives of Be The Match within their own communities to identify, engage and build relationships with individuals and corporations in support of our life-saving mission. 

Northern star 

After the 2022 Be The Match Gala, he met with Be The Match leadership about some of his ideas of how to take the board to higher heights. He was soon asked to become the board chair to help bring these visions to life. Cade says the idea both excited and scared him—but he’s not one to run away from opportunities like that. “I had enough gas in my tank, so I said, ‘let’s go for it.’” 

As chair, he wants to be a spokesperson, organizer and leader. He says he really enjoys helping and teaching people. Cade sees a lot of potential for the board and is excited to layer in more structure, strategy and presence. “The Minneapolis Board of Ambassadors should be a north star that people look to,” he says. 

One of his favorite things about being board chair is the opportunity to host work sessions that bring people together to brainstorm and innovate. “The magic sauce is really starting to come together for the board,” Cade says. 

Embracing opportunity 

His advice for anyone on the fence about getting involved? “Just say yes. Lean into that challenge or opportunity. You never know whose life you will save or family you will help.”

Cade says he hopes to continue to lead from the heart and raise more money and awareness to save more lives through blood stem cell transplant:

“It is our job and duty to leave the world better than we found it.” 

We need your ideas, leadership and compassion! If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Board of Ambassadors member, contact Kristen Larson at