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Dad characteristics we love

Over the years, we’ve seen so many incredible dads demonstrate generosity, passion, and creativity in saving lives. This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate these everyday heroes who are moving mountains to change lives. Here are three dad characteristics we love. 


Chris Muske, a father of two and blood stem cell donor, is someone who displays commitment to the mission of saving lives. “The two minutes that I spent swabbing my cheek and the hours that I put into prepping and completing the donation seems so menial when compared to what it means to the person on the other end. More of the one thing that money can’t buy, time. I urge you, if you haven’t already, join the registry and start your own story.” His commitment saved a life. 


Chase Stigall, former college basketball player at Butler University and father of two, felt moved to act after losing a teammate to cancer. He not only joined the Be The Match Registry® himself, but along with his teammate’s wife, Samantha, they started a charity at the school, Project 44, to encourage more young people to register. Just a few months after he submitted his swab, Chase was matched to Deegan and donated his marrow to save his life.


Peter Shen is the father of two amazing children, Roman and LuLu. Roman was diagnosed with a rare disease called Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (SDS) when he was just 6 months old. Roman’s best chance of a cure is a blood stem cell transplant, but currently he does not have a match on the Be The Match Registry. Peter and his wife, Nicole, have stated again and again they will find Roman’s match, no matter what. Peter and Nicole’s endless determination and commitment throughout Roman’s years of searching is inspiring. We are dedicated to finding a match for Roman and all patients searching for their match.

Give a gift for all the great dads

Commitment. Passion. Determination. There are many amazing qualities we learn from the special dads in our lives. In honor of Father’s Day, let’s demonstrate these characteristics in return. 

Give a gift in honor of the incredible dads in your life and support our mission to save more lives.