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Be The Match® launches the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Member Enrollment Program

Susan Choi, Senior Manager, AAPI Member Enrollment Program

Be The Match and our community partners are excited to launch the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Member Enrollment Program. This new program will address the need to increase the number of blood stem cell donors of Asian American and Pacific Islander ancestry on the Be The Match Registry®. Currently, only nine percent of potential donors on the registry identify as Asian. 

A program such as this can increase the odds of finding a blood stem cell donor match for patients in need like Caryn. With a rare form of leukemia, Caryn has a lower chance of a cure using chemotherapy alone. A blood stem cell transplant can increase her odds. The AAPI Member Enrollment program focuses on developing culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies for outreach, educational and marrow donor recruitment.

Through high level engagement with AAPI communities across the country, Be The Match hopes to diversify the registry and increase access for patients and donors of Asian American and Pacific Islander ancestry. 

Our team is excited to welcome Susan Choi as the Senior Manager of the AAPI Member Enrollment Program. Susan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having led the Asians for Miracle Marrow Match (A3M) team for over six years. The goal is to eliminate health disparities and increase access to cellular therapy. Our team’s outreach expands across many communities including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, South Asian, Vietnamese, Pacific Islander and more. Join us in our mission to save lives today. To learn more about the AAPI Member Enrollment Program, visit