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A critical improvement for couriers

One of the most important aspects of a transplant is ensuring the donor cells get delivered to the waiting patient safely and quickly. Fortunately, we have an outstanding group of more than 700 volunteer couriers, specially trained to take on whatever obstacles they might encounter along the trip. 

Couriers transport blood stem cells in a cooler bag, but the bags were outdated, uncomfortable, and not designed with travel in mind. Plus, a limited number of courier bags are shared nationwide. As the number of transplants Be The Match facilitates continues to increase, the number of available courier bags also needed to grow.

Generous support from Incyte and Omeros allowed us to acquire new, redesigned courier bags to keep these life-saving trips running smoothly. 

The new bags have:

  • An improved zipper system 
  • Better organized pocket
  • A reinforced bottom
  • A sleeve to stack on roller bags. 

The funding from Omeros and Incyte “truly helps our couriers do a better job,” said Be The Match Courier Program Supervisor, Rut Kessel. Courier trips can be a logistical challenge, and sometimes a few minutes can impact the whole trip’s itinerary. With this improvement, the bags won’t be slowing anyone down.  

Plus, the new bags have Be The Match, Omeros and Incyte logos proudly displayed on the side to recognize those longstanding partnerships. 

“Incyte is honored to partner with Be The Match to further its life-saving mission for the transplant community,” said Barry Flannelly, Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America.

Omeros Corporation shared, “In everything that we do, our primary focus is the patient, and we are honored to help ensure that precious stem cells are transported from the collection center to the patient’s bedside through this life-saving blue bag. We applaud the staff at Be The Match, couriers, transplant teams and patients, and we are privileged to support this critical process.”

Thank you to Incyte and Omeros for supporting this crucial element to a successful transplant and playing such an important role in our mission.