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Program rebrand provides clarity and hope for patients

Clinical trials can offer hope for patients diagnosed with a blood cancer, blood disorder or transplant complication, but it can be difficult for families to understand and navigate their options.

Creating hope out of grief

The Jason Carter Clinical Trials Program was built out of love for a patient – Jason Carter. During his four-and-a-half-year journey with leukemia, Jason and his parents, Bob and Diana, explored many treatment options—including two clinical trials. But finding available trials, understanding their options and getting their questions answered proved challenging.

After Jason’s passing, Bob and Diana wanted to help others spend less time searching for trials and more time with their loved ones. They helped launch a program in 2017 in Jason’s honor to support other patients and families looking for clinical trials.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the program’s new name: Be The Match Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support (CTSS). The program’s work won’t change. We will continue to support patients with blood cancers and blood disorders in their search for a clinical trial.

Providing patients with guidance and support

Our number one priority is helping patients and families explore their clinical trial options. Our free program offers:

  • One-on-one support – clinical trials navigators can help answer questions about clinical trials and do personalized searches for patients
  • Online search tool – you can search for a clinical trial and find easy-to-read descriptions of trials
  • Financial assistance program – qualified patients can get a grant to help pay for travel costs associated with participating in a clinical trial
  • Education – you can learn about the clinical trial process, new treatments that may be available to you and find patient stories

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