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Thank you to donors during the COVID-19 crisis

As we’ve all heard in the news, the most vulnerable populations to COVID-19 are seniors and those with compromised immune systems—this includes blood cancer and blood disease patients.

During this uncertain time, one thing is certain—patients still urgently need life-saving blood stem cell transplants.

All Be The Match donors are incredible. You honored your commitment by saying “Yes” to patients in need. Your gift of a second chance at life is priceless.

Thank you to all our donors—especially those stepping up during this time. The world continues to shift and we at Be The Match maintain our commitment to delivering blood stem cells so patients can receive their cure.

Equally important, we continue our commitment to donors. We promise to continue to keep you safe and walk alongside you every step of your journey—your moment of greatness—to save a life.

Meet some recent donors who said “Yes.”

Gabriella, New York

Gabriella learned about Be The Match on her college campus freshman year. When she heard about the need for donors, she swabbed her cheek and joined the registry.

Recently, she was matched to a woman with blood cancer.

COVID-19 was in the back of Gabriella’s mind, but she never really felt like she, herself, was threatened. Because she was to donate peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC), she was given injections of a drug called filgrastim to increase the number of blood-forming cells in her bloodstream.

“The filgrastim shots literally upped my immune system,” Gabriella said.

“At a time like this, even more than usual I have realized how much I have taken my health for granted. It makes you really appreciative for your health. An organization like Be The Match allows you to literally share your health with others. This is something that anyone can do to make a life-saving impact on someone else’s life.”

Jack, Wisconsin

In February 2019, at a campus blood drive, a Be The Match representative was educating people about the need for patients and was recruiting for the registry. Jack was already a blood and platelet donor, so he considered joining the registry as another way to help.

Recently, Jack was called as a match—he had absolutely zero hesitation to say “Yes.” A lot of Jack’s family members Jack are in health care, which helped give him the confidence to know his donation center would take all the necessary precautions regarding COVID-19.

Jack says it felt like his donation went by fast. He spent most of the time watching TV and talking with his mom and nurses.

“I would love to thank my recipient,” Jack says. “The experience was really eye opening and really put things into perspective.”

Brittany, Washington

Brittany is married with four children. She joined the registry a year ago and was recently called as a match.

Brittany and her husband flew together to Boise, Idaho for her donation. Given the concern with COVID-19, they were a little worried about going to the airport, but everything felt normal once they got to Idaho.

“I wasn’t really concerned for myself, I was far more concerned for the patient,” Brittany said.

“Although life has seemingly grinded to a halt, people's needs don't go away. For some people, the virus is far from their greatest worry. It's never been a better time to consider how we can make a difference on behalf of others. The experience really confirmed to me—watching how much effort went into saving this one individual—that every life is worth it.”