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Tis the season of giving back

Meet Emily. A young content creator, social media marketer and now life-saving donor and fundraiser. After getting the call that she was the best match for a patient in need, she said “yes” to donating blood stem cells through tears without hesitation. She wasn’t only excited to help save a stranger’s life, but also to give back in the same way someone gave back to her family. 

Almost exactly 2 years after her own dad’s life-saving stem cell transplant, she found herself giving her own stem cells to a woman in need—and her dad was right there by her side. She hopes she’s giving her recipient more time with their family; just like her dad has gotten with her.

More on Emily’s story in her own words:

I had the incredible opportunity to give back to Be The Match . Two years ago, my dad’s leukemia relapsed and his best option for a cure was a life-saving stem cell transplant [from an unrelated donor] from Be The Match. I wasn’t the ideal match for him since we only share 50% of our DNA with each parent, but I knew I wanted to be able to donate to someone just like him one day.
I registered for Be The Match by sending in my cheek swab and hoped to get the call that I was a match.
Two years later, I did! It was an immediate “YES”! Now, everything came full circle when my dad got to experience this special moment with me just a week after his two-year transplant anniversary.
I am eternally grateful to Be The Match for saving my dad’s life and thrilled I got to the chance to experience donating life-saving cells to my recipient.
Please consider joining the Be The Match Registry if you are between 18-40 and in good health. You could SAVE A LIFE! If asked to do it again, I would in a heartbeat! A small sacrifice on your part for a big reward—changing someone’s life forever and giving them more precious time with their loved ones. If you are unable to join the registry at this time, please consider donating to this incredible organization that gave my family and many others the priceless gift of life.

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