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The Information Technology (IT) function delivers innovative solutions that enable us to grow our business through diversified products and services.

We are committed to providing people with the necessary resources to perform their roles as effectively and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, the organization invests in technologies that provide internal and external customers with tools and information they need to improve work performance and decision making. IT initiatives are prioritized to align with overall organizational goals.

The IT Department is rapidly expanding to meet our organizational objectives. Training and development of business-related expertise is strongly supported and promoted throughout the department.

IT functions are structured around the following teams:

Business Engagement

The Business Engagement Team serves in a liaison role with a focus on proactive customer collaboration. As a newly formed part of the Information Technology department, the Business Engagement Team acts as Strategic Business Partners, committed to assisting operational partners with planning activities that require IT services, as well as building stronger partnerships and leveraging the strengths of the Business Engagement Team across the enterprise. In addition, Business Engagement is focused on developing measures of IT performance that translate to business value for future growth and assisting with navigation of IT services and solutions.

The Business Engagement Team has three focus areas:

  • Business Partnership - proactively assisting partners with business planning and prioritization to achieve their goals and objectives
  • Vendor Management - establishing and maintaining a strategic IT Vendor Management program that provides a framework to engage, select and manage vendors more effectively
  • Enterprise Security - promoting, enhancing and evolving a comprehensive enterprise information security, privacy, and risk management program

Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO is responsible for supporting strategic goals by ensuring the successful delivery of critical projects. The Project success is built on a foundation of partnerships, established best practices, as well as, standard methodologies and process. Team members deliver projects with consistency and efficiency based on industry best practices. We collaborate with operational and IT stakeholders to facilitate the alignment and prioritization of initiatives and manage the execution activities necessary to meet our strategic goals.

The PMO has two focus areas:

  • Portfolio Management – assisting with the development of business cases, facilitating the alignment and prioritization of initiatives, ensuring flexibility to rebalance priorities, optimizing resources, and improving project governance.
  • Program/Project Management – overseeing the delivery of projects, strengthening the program and project management methodology, framework and execution. Providing project management training and expanding practices to non-IT projects.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

The EA Team is responsible for the definition, development and stewardship of the IT architecture in support of the organization’s strategy. We work with operational and IT stakeholders, to define a coherent view of the organization's strategy, processes, data and information technology assets. The team is responsible for applying this knowledge and ensuring that operations and IT are in alignment by providing the line of sight from our mission, strategy and processes to its IT strategy.

Enterprise Architecture has four focus areas:

  • Illuminating the impact of business strategy on processes, metrics, systems and projects
  • Ensuring enterprise alignment of information, applications and infrastructure architecture
  • Developing line of sight in order to ensure the benefits of investment
  • Reflecting this line of sight in integrated metrics leading to measurable outcomes

IT Solutions

The IT Solutions Team is responsible for system software analysis, business and functional requirements, development and deployment of packaged or customized solutions, and quality assurance and testing. Team members turn desired outcomes into functional software solutions, delivering business value by serving the needs of our customers. Resources are dedicated to each functional area resulting in a holistic approach to solution delivery.  

IT Solutions has five focus areas:

  • Delivering software solutions, enhancing collaboration between analysis, development and testing, and providing resources to assist with a broad range of activities
  • Providing functional alignment to better serve the needs of our customersfunctional alignment to better serve the needs of our customers
  • Optimizing resource allocation and utilization
  • Incorporating  industry best practices (SDLC)
  • Providing governance and effective oversight for solution delivery

Technology Infrastructure & Services

The Technology Infrastructure & Services Team is responsible for providing front-line services to colleagues and network partners, and delivering and supporting reliable infrastructure environments that enable us to perform our operations. Members of this team provide technology services from the desktop to the data center. Resources are dedicated to technical areas matching their skills creating a comprehensive approach to service delivery.

Technology Infrastructure & Services has four focus areas:

  • Providing day-to-day operational service and support of technology solutions
  • Ensuring infrastructure stability and reliability
  • Supporting technology programs through services and environment delivery and management
  • Deliver shared services  to external technology partners

CIBMTR - Information Technology

The CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research) is a research collaboration between National Marrow Donor Program/Be The Match and Medical College of Wisconsin. CIBMTR collaborates with the global scientific community to increase survival and enrich quality of life for thousands of patients worldwide.

CIBMTR-IT is dedicated to supporting CIBMTR’s prospective and observational research, accomplished through scientific and statistical expertise, a large network of transplant centers and a clinical database of more than 390,000 transplant recipients.

CIBMTR-IT supports our life-saving mission by:

  • Building relationships with the research community through the creation of high-quality, reusable data elements
  • Improving collection, storage, consolidation and dissemination of data to the research community

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