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Geisinger Medical Center


Geisinger Medical Center
100 N. Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822-2001
Direct phone: (570) 271-6211

Total transplants by cell source

From January 1, 2012 to December 31st, 2013
  • Marrow: 0
  • PBSC: 0
  • Cord Blood: 0
  • Autologous (PBSC or Marrow): 0
Performs adult transplants


Geisinger Medical Center is an NCI designated center & designated NCCCP hospital which has been performing sibling matched allogeneic transplants since April 2008. We are the only NMDP Collection Center in Central Pennsylvania which can connect bone marrow recipients with donors throughout the world.

Attending physicians

Adult - Ed Gorak, Sharif Khan

Transplants performed


Cord blood transplants performed on

Not performed