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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Division of Bone Marrow Transplant
and Immunodeficiency
3333 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Direct phone: (513) 636-4258
Toll-free: (800) 344-2462

Total transplants by cell source

From January 1, 2012 to December 31st, 2013
  • Marrow: 107
  • PBSC: 26
  • Cord Blood: 12
  • Autologous (PBSC or Marrow): 50
Performs pediatric transplants


The BMT Program is committed to excellence in patient care, innovative clinical and translational research. The program is led by Stella Davies, MB, BS, PhD, with over 25 years experience with pediatric transplant. Our team is dedicated to a disease-specific approach to the management of patient care.

This center has been performing allogeneic transplants since 1981 and has been an NMDP transplant center since January 1990.

Attending physicians

Pediatric - Jacob Bleesing, Sharat Chandra, Christopher Dandoy, Stella Davies, Javier El-Bietar, Alexandra Filipovich, Mike Grimley, Sonata Jodele, Michael Jordan, Pooja Khandelwal, Ashish Kumar, Rebecca Marsh, Parinda Mehta, Kasiani Myers

Transplants performed

Marrow/PBSC, single cord, and double cord

Cord blood transplants performed on

Pediatric only